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Before use Kamagra visit your doctor

Before use Kamagra visit your doctor
By visiting your physician you will be required to undergo a few tests to define the degree and the nature of erectile dysfunction. Most likely, your physician will look up in to your medical and sexual history. A detailed recount of sexual activity can distinguish if the problem occurs during the stimulation of sexual desire, erection, ejaculation or orgasm.
Also a physical exam will be required of you. There are primary and secondary problems that may lead you to knowing the main cause of erectile dysfunction should it be because of a primary case in the organ itself or a secondary cause such as hormonal problems brought about by a defect in the endocrine system. Also if you have any underlying disease in the circulatory system, it can also bring about erectile dysfunction.
Aside from physical exams, you will also have to undertake several laboratory exams to diagnose erectile dysfunction. You will have to undertake several blood tests such as blood counts, urinalysis, lipid profile and measurements of creatinine and liver enzymes. Your testosterone levels will also be measured to give any indication of actually needing the Kamagra medication.
Some cases of erectile dysfunction can also suggest a chemical cause in nature. Around 25 percent of cases of ED are like that where withdrawing from a drug, cutting back or even substituting certain medications often alleviate erectile dysfunction.
There are also other tests that will have to rule out psychological causes because lack of sexual appetitive cannot be cured by the drug itself. Morning erections also known as nocturnal penile tumescence rules out the psychological causes of ED because health males experience involuntary erections as they sleep. Those who d not naturally experience an erection during their sleep usually have a psychological cause. These tests of nocturnal erection are not a hundred percent reliable though.
Another type of psychological examination is the use of a questionnaire for both partners. With the use of an interview and a questionnaire, possible psychological factors can be revealed. Also a expectations and perceptions during sexual intercourse will be questioned.